My 9/11

We must all keep eternal pressure on the discovery of the truth and the true perpetrators must be brought to JUSTICE!!!

ST UnWoke!

No, i wasnt in New York or DC or Schwenksville and i didnt know anyone who was killed that day, so maybe i dont even have the right to write about it. But I will. You have been warned not to expect high drama or tragedy.

i dropped my daughter, aged 6, off at her Montessori school,at about 8:40 AM, and continued on down to my office, which was about 1.5 hrs commute. My car radio was tuned to KYW, a Philadelphia news radio station. Soooo….about 10 minutes later, i heard about the first plane. It seemed like a dream. and the reporter who described what was happening also sounded like she felt she must be dreaming. A plane hitting a building? i mean, yuh, it’s a tall building but planes, famously, travel much higher than any skyscraper…an accident, a terrible pilot error or mechanical failure? i drove on. Surely…

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