Long Dark Winter Ahead

Worst case scenario preparation is vital…

Prepper 365

These are probably words you have been hearing repeated over and over lately as the country continues to spiral out of control. Many experts are predicting that the cost to heat your home this winter could be as much as 54% higher than last, well that’s some good news! The rising cost of fuel, electricity, food and just about anything you might want or need is going to put a hurt on most American households. Those 20 lb. propane canisters went from $19 a refill to $23 and purchasing an additional tank cost me $64 this time. Heck, just filling up the gas cans for my generator was $59 alone and this is only the beginning.

Part of being prepared is having back ups to your back ups and ways to heat your home should be no exception. Note: depending on what type of dwelling you are in may limit…

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