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How to Build a Greenhouse Homestead & Prepper Amazing Ideas for Fall Winter Gardening For people who love gardening, the cold winter can not stop their planting excitement. If you’re looking for a foolproof method to expand your gardening time, cold frame gardening is the very best alternative. Basically, a cold period is a mini-greenhouse. […]

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Self-sufficiency/livin’ off thuh grid help yuh tuh break thuh chains uv corporate dominance ovuh yahr loyf. Braindead folks mindlessly git out en go shoppin’ at thuh grocery store en China-Mart/Wall Mart which is only helping thuh international crime syndicates rule ovuh owuh loyfs. Best tuh grow yahr own grub, sew yahr own cloths, bake yahr own bread, fix yahr own roof shingles, house plumbin’ en thuh like. All thuh bettuh tuh get help from kinsfolk in yahr local communituh.

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