Forces Of Nature Prevail (in real time)

The part of New England I am in was hit hard by a nor’easter storm. No power where I live, streets covered in trees, branches, sticks ..power lines are down. Even my mobile carrier is knocked out of service in the area…Many stores are closed until further notice. Sending this blog post via WiFi connection from a pizza place that is open (they have a generator, they were prepared)…

6 thoughts on “Forces Of Nature Prevail (in real time)

  1. Familiar story. May I assume Massachusetts has strained their Power Grid? Here, despite updates, the Grid is unpredictable. However I have my suspicions as to how relative to the weather it is, because my area lost nothing but time during the last one, and again as frequently we have rolling blackouts for no apparent reason under clear blue skies. Although drunk drivers are a common cause for outages, I suppose. Anywho. Good that you made it alright.

    Have you noticed an uptick in power instability where you are? Changes in frequency of events, repair time, that sort of thing.

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    1. From what I understand, from speaking to alot of the locals here in the coastal town south of Boston I am in, the power grid is highly defragmented. I drove around yesterday, it’s bizarre. Certain segments of the town have power, others still without.

      One resident told me that those closest to the water are most vulnerable. I live in an apartment and the aspect of using a generator was not an option here.

      I will say, this type of project, a nationalized rehabilitation of the nation-wide power grid – this would create hundred of thousands of new jobs, even millions of jobs!

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    2. And yes, the frequency of power outages is absolutely erratic. We have vicious storms in which no one loses power. Then we have seemingly benign storms, in which power is lost by many, causing chaotic situations.

      Our power grid, nationwide, is in need of complete rehabilitation.

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