The Neo-State

The Neo-State

The Dissident Right

I. Introductory

Hitherto of politics that is the State is the institution best suited for the production, interpretation, and enforcement of law and order. The fact is the variance in a plethora of political discourse is confined to which laws the State ought to engender and how they should be interpreted and enforced. The query often left unasked, though scrounged by traditional political thought: “Is the State the institution best suited for these tasks? If not, what is the superior alternative?” will be examined. This chapter of this here manifesto will fixate on a systemic evaluation and critique of the State as a monopolistic engenderer of law and less on the content of present illegal systems. As such, this analysis will remain pertinent to any State-administered legal system contrary to its ever transmuting law code and/or illegal procedures.

II. On Social Order

Norms are established to solve the problem of…

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