Public Trust, Transparency and Meaningful Feedback

It is imperative to investigate what the entities inside the gradual development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence are doing..

Critical AI & Data Justice in Society

1.5-meter-monitor. Monitor showing video feed of a group of people standing nearby in public space, with green smiley faces overlaid  over faces of those who are 1.5 meters apart from other people and yellow and red smiley faces over those who are standing closer than 1.5 meters to other people.
One and a half meter monitor: Automatic social distancing detection system based on object detection and video cameras by Amsterdam-Amstelland safety region. Image from The City of Amsterdam Algorithm Register.

With the adoption of AI as a means for determining access to many public services and its integration into many basic functions of today’s society, ranging from book recommendation in a public library website to risk assessment instead of cash bail, the stakes are higher than ever for the democracies. Public accountability, a centrepiece of democratic institutions, is in part dependent on the public having the right to access information held by public bodies and also on the citizens being able to react to, and participating in, the government through different forms of feedback. Safeguards for a right to transparency and a guaranteed right to real, effective and meaningful citizen feedback is part and parcel of an accountable…

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