Time to Refocus on Syria

Justice for Syria! Justice for all Nation-States!

Not Something Else

After roughly four and a half years from the ceasefire which – as a result of the interference of ‘bleeding heart’ Western pundits concerned for their pet terrorist groups, crying ‘Stop the slaughter of civilians’, when there were in fact no innocent civilians left in the conflict zone – brought an end (with Russia’s agreement) to the very successful campaign of liberation by the victorious Syrian Arab Army in Idlib province (aided by Russian air support), since when a period of relative inactivity has ensued, with nothing much gained or lost by either side. It is time to take stock of the situation as there are moves afoot to change that undesirable and unsettled impasse.

I personally feel a great disappointment that this has occurred at all. The Syrians had the terrorists and their Turkish backers on the run or surrounded in isolated strongpoints, for later disposal, back in March…

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