Where Modern Medicine Fails Us…

Mogadishu Matt

(Based on a comment left on someone else’s post) H/T to Gunner, link at bottom of page

I have a history of getting cricks in my neck and knots in my back. It happens from nightmares and exercising, weird positioning at work.

I went to the barber shop at (redacted location) where a lady cut my hair with all sorts of implements, including the banned straight razor. (Non replaceable blade type, btw). When she was done shaving my head, she asked “You wan’ me to pop your neck?”. I had thought it was a joke, so I said yes.

She went to town wobbling around on my neck, two jerks afterwards and I had one knot gone. Another set of yanking and one smaller pop. I have had that issue for a while. I left her a tip worth half of my bill.

Apparently, there are people trained…

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