What’s Obstructing the Supply Flow, How to Unblock It

Global Supply Chain chaos variant….

Science Matters

A wholistic analysis comes from an interview by Doug Blair with Joel Griffith at Daily Signal What Is the Root Cause of Our Supply Chain Problems? Excerpts in italics with my bolds and added images.

Blair: So Joel, if there is one thing that is dominating the news cycle right now, it is that there are massive supply chain issues. Americans are seeing images of empty store shelves and prices for things like electronics and gasoline have just completely shot through the roof. With all of this in mind, what exactly is the problem with the supply chain right now?

Griffith: Well, we have unprecedented demands placed on that supply chain. We talk about that chain—when we go to our grocery store, fill up our cars, we’re often not thinking of that process by which we actually get that merchandise. But in our interconnected global economy, which gives us…

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