Washington Capital Overthrowing the United States

One World Order…

Science Matters

More than 25,000 troops from across the country were dispatched to the US capital on January 13, 2021.

How to make sense of the chaos in Washington, DC? What analogy or metaphor would lend insight?

♦  Is it the sacking of an Imperial Capital, as was the case with Rome and the barbarians?

♦  Is it a hostile takeover by a more wealthy cabal who bought out a weaker organization in order to install its own values and culture?

♦  Is it an internal coup by which insiders seize power and purge the palace of those loyal to another leader?

There are elements of all of these, with China as the external infiltrator in the first case, aligned with insiders having keys to the treasury. A network of billionaires collaborated to plunder the 2020 covid election in the second case, empowering the deep state to throw out the Trumpist rascals…

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