Times and Tradition

Preserving tradition is critical…in the age of pissEarth

The TradMother

I myself am a woman who whole heartedly believes that women should be submissive to their husbands to their homes and to their families. We were born with a natural nurturing role. To be kind, to be gentle, to be soft and warm.

I strongly believe that a woman should also have both interior and exterior strength as well. It’s not 1950 as much as I would love it to be 1950 again, things have changed the war on our heritage the War on our culture is very real , it’s here and it is staring us in the eye. Its not a fair battle it’s dirty fight.

Women should be able to back up their families both physically and mentally if need be. When the husband, the father figure and essentially the most powerful tool in a household cannot be there, women need to know how to protect themselves…

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