Third Place: On Venezuela and Germany

The Fourth Estate

Japan Makes Her Debut under America’s Auspices

The US is not on an island all by itself. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans were never meant to be treated as ‘natural barriers’ separating the Union from the Eurasian landmass. As Pearl Harbor, Globalization, 9/11, Great Recession and Coronavirus Pandemic have attested, the spatial distance between the Union and the Eurasian landmass is shrinking. Moreover, whatever happens in Latin America will affect the Union along the US-Mexico Border and the State of Florida. Anyone from Eurasia is capable of stirring chaos south of the US-Mexico Border because the Jeffersonians are too withdrawn and too absent-minded at their Monticellos to care. When the Jeffersonians do care, the Democratic-Republican Party subjugates the Latin Americans for their Kapital.

World history has demonstrated a wide range of Eurasian powers trying to turn Latin America into their own sphere of influence. The Spanish and Portuguese, the British…

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