The ‘wisdom of the crowds’ regarding knightly orders and titles of nobility

Learning about Nobility…the system of feudalism …

Nobiliary law - Adelsrecht - Droit nobiliaire

Webster, Joseph Samuel; Sir Levett Hanson, Kt (1754-1814), Traveller; St Edmundsbury Museums.

I have always been surprised by the fact that discussions about the legitimacy of Orders of Knighthood trigger so much emotion. Although the topic is quite interesting, it does not have a great impact on society as a whole. Personally, I prefer to approach questions regarding legitimacy with a liberal view. In my opinion, Orders of Knighthood are legitimate when they do not misrepresent themselves to the public. This is not a widely accepted view. In many cases, specialized groups of internet participants have more radical views. Within such groups, witch hunts often evolve, whereby entire religious and ethnic groups are discredited. The forms of aggression are manifold and vary from expressions of disgust and contempt, to threats, slander, insults, and hatred. If the aggression is met with approval by other users, it can escalate and elicit…

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