Revolt Against the Modern World

Revolt Against the Modern World…

Crush the Urbanite


They all have dead eyes. Really, at the end of the day, what got me wasn’t the other horrific artifacts of bodies abused by modernity. Track marks, hacking coughs, beer guts in your early twenties, the thin lacquer coating of unwarranted self importance that hides an ego that has never been tempered through trial by fire. Those things, annoying though they may be to differing degrees, pale in comparison to the eyes of the living dead. They roam the great cities of our time, the putrid scars of modernity that from far away, from the isolation of idealism seem to shine like diamonds in the sunset. A closer inspection reveals broken glass, cigarette butts, the accumulated grime of human dissolution. They say that culture change, like bankruptcy, happens slowly, then all at once. For many people, realizing that there is something horribly wrong with the world you live in, that we’ve…

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