Put down the politics: expand your awareness instead

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Oracular Intelligence

“Once this meta program of culture becomes dominant, it shapes our experience into an arbitrary and parallel counterfeit of that which is real. Once this meta program takes over our perceptual apparatus, it is the only mode we have for interacting with reality. Once that happens we can’t question our culturally conditioned state, since that is our only reality experience.”

Joseph Chilton Pearce

  1. Increasing your awareness, expanding it, is the only way to assist in the transformation of humanity.
  2. Those who are not ready to leave the matrix reality that they live in, are expressing their roles and function in that reality. They are playing their parts. There time playing those roles will be done in divine time, not yours.
  3. Mediation is the practice of calming the mind. It is a means towards another end, which is to awaken, to become aware.
  4. A mind that is turbulent and chaotic hides…

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