PSA: Wolfram | Alpha


Wolfram | Alpha is what I use to find solid facts, information, statistics and data. It is apolitical – one will not find ideologies embedded into the content (like Wikipedia for instance). There was an article written about Wolfram | Alpha a while back and it perfectly described it’s usefulness:

“Wolfram Alpha is a semantic search engine that was invented by Stephen Wolfram and has been continuously developed since 2005. UnlikeGoogle search, the goal of a search on Wolfram Alpha is not a list of hyperlinks in which user find answers to their requests, but a compilation of facts as specific results, similar to Google’s KnowledgeGraph, which was further developed with theHummingbird Update. The search engine Wolfram Alpha has been able to handle specific questions since its launch and is thus a pioneer of thesemantic search.”

I have the application downloaded on my android and the following is a few…

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