Proliferating Fake News, Suppressing and Denigrating the Real Thing

Fake News Eternal..

The Stephen Lendman Blog

The above reality applies to MSM on all things most important for the public to know.

It’s most important on all things flu/covid, especially about health-destroying jabs.

A conspiracy of MSM suppression of truth and full disclosure is all about pushing them and all else related to the mother of all state-sponsored health-destroying scams.

Throughout the West, nary a kernel of truth shows up in reporting about this most crucial of all issues — just the opposite.

Al Jazeera misinformation and disinformation about all things flu/covid matches what Western and Israeli MSM misreport.

On Sunday, a fake news Al Jazeera report discussed “how to fight” truth-telling about flu/covid it falsely called “misinformation.”

Reading like a Pharma press release, it defied reality as follows, saying:

“The pandemic (that doesn’t exist except among the jabbed) created a toxic legacy of misinformation and conspiracy theories (sic) that has mobilized opposition to” jabbing.


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