Privacy is sacred….

Digital Law and Ethics

According to Floridi (2013), hacking is the oldest type of online security threat. Hackers are able to get unauthorised access into a person’s account and invade their privacy and will use the information they retrieve for many different purposes, such as stealing banking details, using your information for identity theft over the internet, etc. On the internet it is surprisingly easy for hackers to invade our privacy. The four types of privacy include: Physical Privacy, Mental Privacy, Decisional Privacy, and Informational Privacy.

Physical Privacy is the ability of a person to maintain their own physical space or solitude, and intrusions would include searching, without consent, the person’s home, personal possessions, bodily searches as well as any other interference, acts of surveillance, and the taking of biometric information. Physical privacy also refers to your physical address, and who can see it.

Decisional Privacy is the freedom to make your own decisions…

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