Irony Won’t Save Us – Eric Striker


These are trying times for the would-be dissident. Has any group of people ever been as atomized and alienated from their culture than the people of today? It would be hard to argue otherwise. Every day more and more young men and women feel like strangers in their own homelands and look for a thousand different escapes. There are a number of political explanations for it, but to understand it culturally one would benefit from reading Christopher Lasch’s 1979 bookThe Culture of Narcissism.

Lasch has become a bit of a forgotten figure of the 20th century commentariat. Despite being a neo-Marxist, meaning he incorporated elements of Freudianism and critical theory into his analysis, Lasch often took up heterodox positions in his critiques of capitalist culture that often caused him to find common ground with social conservatives. Whether this was from his own ethnically American sensibilities (compared to those…

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