I Hate These People So Much

Banned Hipster

Jerry Falwell was straight up taking money from the Israelis who bought him a private jet. His son, Jerry Falwell Jr., was being blackmailed by Donald Trump’s Jew mobster handler, Michael Cohen, and the Jews at AMI/National Enquirer, the same people who were attempting to blackmail Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

The entire point of getting rid of Jim Bakker was to get control of his satellite broadcasting network.

And it was the Jews, by means of their front man Jerry Falwell, that set Jim Bakker up.

Why I Owe Jim Bakker an Apology and Thank You, October 26, 2019, Robert S. Griffin, Ph.D.

Everything the “Religious Right” warned about in the 1970’s came true, in spades, and the results are everywhere.

Christianity is like a Pearl of Great Price. What makes a pearl? The oyster swallows a piece of sand, an irritant, and it covers over the irritant with mucus…

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