How The Second Revolution Begins

Revolution is the pressure release valve…

Conspiracies and The Paradigm Shift


By now it has become abundantly clear that the President is not representing the best interests of all Americans. With Executive orders flying off his desk at a alarming rate, most which he had no idea what he was signing. As such the rest of America, has come to realize that the President and Vice President are nothing but puppets control by those that are truly in power.

The evidence has been mounting, as have the threats from Democratic Governors. With vaccine mandates becoming the SOP of state and federal government employees, nurses,doctors and spreading to the private sector most recently with a directive towards the truck drivers. The private sector employees have pushed back, with Nurses, Truck drivers and others responding to the government over reach by striking.

However, it is clear that the ways that people used to respond to government over reach is not going to…

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One thought on “How The Second Revolution Begins

  1. What I think ultimately matters very little. But I don’t think there’ll be an a/one “second” “revolution.” Especially where the first “revolutions” had more to do with pecuniary interests than abstract moralities debated by the French and much less to do with the question of English Rights and Liberties we were billed beneath the overhead French libertine veneer. Anywho. I’ll spare you those thoughts.

    What I will say, is that even amongst those affected by the Doom Coof Boogie, the experience is far from unified and has been compartmentalized from almost every imaginable vector. From the racial sphere right down to the vocational. And I don’t think a revolution led by disgruntled ticktock nurses is a place we want to go. But there we have it. I think the breakdown will be more of a gradual disintegration, like watching a timelapse of the amelioration of a corpse that eventually builds up too much pressure and bursts from within.

    But then I’ll have been wrong about more important things too. I’m still shocked ZOG has been able to artificially extend the world’s calcified attention span this long on CoVid this long without needing to make another Darcurious Floyd and the Edgelord Express.

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