Global Reset Deletes and Re-Writes Real History

They want to erase and replace you!

This is Why We Will Never Trust You:

Depopulation is the Erasure of Ethos:

Europe Renaissance

MICHAEL WALSH OP-ED:since 1945 removing and re-writing real history has accelerated. As a rabbit is transfixed by an approaching car’s headlights, Europeans wherever they are in the world, appear to be unaware or unmoved by the burning of their history.

Re-writing history is hardly a new phenomenon. The Soviets (1922-1990) perfected the strategy of destroying Imperial Russia’s history. The Allies merely continued the policy when the rebellious workers of Germany’s Reich, the arch adversary of Capitalism and Communism, were crushed in May 1945. The Allies immediately set about destroying every artwork, motif, bust, sculpture, any figurine that represented the art and culture of the German Workers Reich.

The triumphant military troika of the British, Soviet and American empires set about smashing countless sculptures and burning thousands of paintings.

Around 8,722 artworks were plundered and shipped to military deposits in the U.S. They are still there ~ and in Russia…

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