Gates: “The Next Pandemic: Marburg?”

Because bats…not really…

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"A deadly cousin of Ebola, Marburg can kill nine out of ten people it infects, and international travel has taken it from Africa to Europe twice in the past 40 years. Will increasing globalisation make this virus more likely to erupt around the world?" - Gates' GAVI

Research into the false claims of the case/death numbers allegedly caused by C19, and the pseudo-sciences which supports it, has led me to some very worrying developments re. what appears to be the next phase of this unprecedented assault on humanity, which I will summarize due to the urgency;

Firstly, Bill Gates’GAVI vaccine initiativepublished an article on 22-Apr-2021 titled “The next pandemic: Marburg?”, and a Gates-funded media have parroted the story, with numerous mainstream media articles highlighting an upcoming threat of Marburg virus in recent months, referencing the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) directives.

Marburg Virusis a relatively…

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