Big Data and AI Surveillance

Big Data feeds deep machine learning. Probability is derived from statistics and probability is embedded into the predictive modeling and pattern recognition of the coming All-seeing Eye AI machine…

Critical AI & Data Justice in Society

Written by Amel Bourdoucen,Elli-Maija Virtanen,Mia Lavantiand Taika Nummi who led the participatory session (held 18 March 2021) this post is based on.

Photo byMatthew HenryonUnsplash

The session began with a short video like many others imposing the stereotypical approach that surveillance is a given, this was purposely chosen to initiate a thought-provoking discussion as to why many of these videos exist that do not necessarily criticize AI surveillance. We have then captured the responses of the participants on the video. Some comments included: “I think that this video is clearly pro surveillance – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And the video clearly tries to show the other sides of surveillance too. But should we concentrate on the ethics of AI more?”. Another participant shared that “From this perspective, surveillance can serve democratic or empowering ends IF it brings about openness…

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