Are you Easily Influenced?

Academic perspective on influence…

ISYS8621: Digital Transform.

How many “influencers do you follow collectively on all platforms? Most of you probably follow people who you do not really know on Instagram (celebrities, sports person, or other personalities that align with your interests). Other ways you may be getting your daily dose of influencers in Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tik Tok. In this Blog I want to explore the topic of influencer marketing which has boomed with the growth of digital platforms. 93% of marketers practice influencer Marketing and ~67% plan to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2021. Nowadays we have ad blockers installed in our computers, so Influencers is a great way for companies to reach target markets. Digital influencers are mor powerful in their niche communities than traditional celebrities even.

A little History

Influencer marketing has evolved through the decades; before there were digital platforms there were print ads, radios and tv ads…

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