Third Place: Cold Peace or Hot Peace?

The Fourth Estate

“If we could be friends by just getting to know each other better, then what are our countries really arguing about? Nothing could be more important than not having a war if a war could kill everything.”

-Samantha Reed Smith

“Attitude and intellectual openness are not yet political values, birth certificates are not political identity cards. Existential consciousness is only a pre-political basis,never a political criterion. There are no political duties for the young generation as a whole. (Beyond that, one would have to take into account how much the individual age-groups between 18 and 40 differ today in their basic rhythms.)”

-Karl Otto Paetel

A 1980s Photo of Samantha Smith

The Work-Standard has no conception of “Unintended Consequences” and “Perverse Incentives” in the Liberal Capitalist sense; it instead has Force Multipliers and Implicit Intents. Its implementation on a worldwide scale is going to facilitate a wide range…

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