One Hundred Years War: The Why?

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In 1152, Henry Plantagenet d’Anjou, heir to the English throne, married Eleanor of Aquitaine, the heiress, and took the title; Duke of Aquitaine.  In 1154, Henry ascended to the English throne as King Henry II of England, and started the Plantagenet dynasty.  Henry now held more French land, than the King of France himself.

England’s King John, lost the lands of Normandy, Anjou, Maine, Touraine and Poitou to France. Henry III son of King John, acknowledged the surrender of Plantagenet claims to French land in France conquered by Philippe Augustus by way of the 1259 “Treaty of Paris.”

The scene had been set, Isabella of France and Edward the son and heir of King Edward I of England, would marry, according to the “Treaty of Montreuil,” dated June 1299. These two pawns, it was hoped would bring an end, to battles over England’s territories in France.

Isabella of France married…

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2 thoughts on “One Hundred Years War: The Why?

  1. That’s a good find. The last book I read prior to Vilhelm Grønbech’s was “The Plantagenets.” Thicc ‘lil book, not thikkk like “Albion’s Seed-” but the two are obviously related. Anyway, it didn’t pull that many punches I don’t think. Had a bent but not so bad you couldn’t read it. Couldn’t help but chuckle at learning that the majority of resistance to any crown, unsurprisingly, came from East Anglia. Even before the usual suspects were a thing. For good or for ill, as they say.

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