I Can’t Wait For the Killer Robots

Open Air Insane Asylum

I came across this video today and it reminded me to shill my second novel, Smash It! Burn It! (LINK). I don’t think I’ll sit around and wait for the corporate media to do it for me, considering I’m (a) not Woke, (b) White, (c) straight, and (d) I see through their constant bullshit and am not afraid to say it.

I wrote the book in 2017-2018. It’s set in 2029, a short eight years from now. It’s not clear that the self-driving cars featured in the novel will come to fruition by then. But who knows, the corporations are still messing around with that stuff and it is not out of the question. It doesn’t really matter, as the themes and characters will continue to hold up very well for the foreseeable future. And it looks like I nailed the robot part. Here’s an excerpt from the…

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