French Revolution: The Cause…

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During the 18th century, French Monarchs had unlimited power, and as such declared themselves as the “Representative of God,” to the people.  They were engaged in a life of luxury and extravagance at the royal court of Versailles.

Louis XIV (1643-1715) of the Bourbon Dynasty, a most powerful and efficient monarch, who participated in many wars. His successor Louis XV (1715-1774) took France to war against England, which brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy.

Louis XVI (1774-1793), lived a life of luxury and extravagance, when the country’s finance was reaching near bottom. He may have been King, but his Queen; Marie Antoinette, played a major part in the affairs of the state.

The social condition of 18th century France, the French Society, consisted of three classes: Clergy – Nobles – Common People.

The Clergy was of the First Estate, subdivided into two groups; higher and lower…

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7 thoughts on “French Revolution: The Cause…

  1. You actually liked a post which vilified the true Monarchy of France which was usurped by a belligerent Corsican, who resented anyone of German blood yet lusted after our daughters, he married into a lesser German line created the Bonaparte Imperial Dynasty,

    Napoleon never anything he vied for Germanic greatness by usurping its titles for his own, taking the architecture & palaces for his own whilst his soldiers ravaged, raped & plundered German villages all the way to the Austrian Capital. He was not able to depose House Hapsburg so he shifted his attention to the North, to Prussia.

    Napoleon forcefully occupied Berlin then part of a Neutral Prussian Kingdom, forced its rulers from their homeland & pushed poor Königin Luise von Preußen to an early death in her 30s.

    You literally re-posted my IG post of her, how can you in good taste support both?

    There was a strong Anti-German sentiment planted as a seed into the ignorant & easily riled up non Germanic peasantry, who need a scape-goat for their plight, unfortunately at the the time they had soft ruler Louis XVI (too nice for his own good) who wanted to balance things for his own subjects, who was married to an Austrian Royal Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna “Marie Antoinette”.

    Napoleon III, at the very least realized the corrupt behavior of his predecessor, the ill impact of the French revolution & therefore sought to make amends with Prussia following his defeat at Sedan.


  2. I’ve discussed the French Revolution (its instigators) & the Reigning Monarchy as well its impact within the Central Europe Prussia + Austria in depth with you.

    So I am going to ask you – Are you in support of the French Revolution?

    Because this blog very blatantly supports the French revolutionaries & follows the mainstream narrative demonizing the French/German (True European) Monarchy.

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      1. I do not support the truth behind the Jacobins revealed in it’s very name. It is that very fiat-debt-death legerdemain that rules over the depiction of the events today.


    1. In the textbooks of America’s structured education system (K-12) … the realization of how a structured narrative exists within that context.


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