COVID 19: “A surreptitious method to thin the herd without the herd ever really knowing what was going on”

Not Something Else

Alternative titles: “The conspiracy theory to beat all conspiracy theories” or “Why we should all support (but not necessarily take part in) the COVID vaccine solution”, or “Hush! The vaccine deaths will assume catastrophic proportions, but not everyone needs to know why”.

All of the above are my own work (at least I did not derive these suggestions from any known source) except the actual title quote, which is taken from this enlightening conversation style (Q&A) article on the UNZ Review: “Will Vaccine-Linked Deaths Rise Sharply This Winter?” – Mike Whitney. Of course it refers to the northern winter, which is summer where I live.

I want to make my viewpoint clear on this matter. A view which has coalesced over recent weeks, perhaps months now, from vague outlines of ideas, previously held and often reported on this blog and elsewhere as those ideas formulated over a number of years…

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