Tyranny In Canada: Status Of Brave Canadian Patriot, Artur Pawlowski


It was a few months back over at that horror show called ‘Blogger’ that I posted an amazing video where Canadian pastor, Artur Pawlowski, was blatantly arrested by the Canadian thought police in Calgary Alberta some 800 miles west of here, for the ‘crime’ of conducting a church service…. That was so appalling and showed how far down the slippery slope to tyranny this once proud and free nation called ‘Canada’ was falling….. And just in case anyone missed that horror of an illegal arrest, here is the bitchute video here:

Well, now some 5 months since that illegal ‘arrest’ that saw Artur Pawlowski thrown into a Canadian ‘prison’ where he was stripped and forced to reside on a concrete floor for 5 days in what was basically a form of torture through ‘solitary confinement’…. And after he was ‘released’ he continued to be brutalized by the Alberta ‘criminal court’…

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