“Cinderella” Sturgeon is probably not going the ball.


A guest post from Professor Alf Baird.

World Leaders Summit at COP26in Scotland

(Based oninfo extracted fromtheCOP26 website: https://unfccc.int/cop26/world-leaders-summit)

Will Scotland’s First Minister appear,Cinderella like,at the COP26 World LeadersSummitin Glasgow?Thatdoes not appear very likelybased on the followingUN publishedprogramme information and instructionssent to national governments attending.

Event title& location: “United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 Glasgow, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.”

No mention of Scotland then.Does it matter? Evidently not.

Event Host: “The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, His Excellency Mr. Boris Johnson, has invited Heads of State and Government to participate in the World Leaders Summit, which will take place on Monday, 1 November, and Tuesday, 2 November 2021, when the first part of the high-level segment for Heads of State and Government during the Conference will also take place.”

Nope, nae mention of Scotland’s FMthere, not even as…

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