Why Does Medical Advice Often Change? Doctors Explain

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Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between substitute recommendations given when research improves upon previous advice and a complete reversal that comes about because a common medical practice was ahead of science and never really worked or even caused harm. Here are some examples of real medical flip flops from the past few years.

  • Menopausal hormones to protect the heart: In 2002, decades of advice about the benefits of menopausal hormones for the heart seemed to change overnight when a large study called the Women?s Health Initiative was shut down after researchers discovered more heart attacks in women who took the hormones. In retrospect, doctors misinterpreted data from observational research. The latest advice: hormones can relieve menopausal symptoms, but shouldn?t be used to prevent chronic diseases.

  • Vioxx as a lower risk arthritis treatment: In 1999, the Food and Drug Administration approved Vioxx as a breakthrough pain reliever because it lowered…

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