The NWO’s new truthbending target: dictionaries

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Latter-day Winston Smiths have been busy regimenting news media, infiltrating Anglo-Saxon teaching methods, gagging truthsayers in social media and trying to Build Back Braindead Bonzothink for half a decade. There is no end to the realisation of Stalin’s maxim, “He who changes the past controls the future”. Now even the Oxford English Dictionary is at it.

Wherever you look, inflation is ripping ahead. So much so, in fact, we now have inflation in the Climate Emergency sector: the Oxford English Dictionary has just announced that Global Warming is no more….as of today, we have Global Heating. Here is today’s opening taster of BS assertion without anything to back it up from the OED:

“Global heating is often used in preference to global warming to convey more emphatically the seriousness of climate change caused by human activity and the urgent need to address it…global heating was used about 15 times more…

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