“The last thing the Taliban need is to be ‘accountable’ to brain-dead NATO.”

Not Something Else

I love it when someone else provides me with a post title – as a direct quote, of course, and as a lead in to their written published article.

This one comes as the final sentence in Pepe Escobar’s latest piece, variously featured, but I shall take the version shown on The Cradle – because they, being a new entreprise and worthy of support in my opinion (and probably Escobar’s too, since he would have sanctioned the publication there), also probably need the exposure that association with his name undoubtedly grants – more than any of the other news sources. Well, that’s the logic I used anyway …and they have nice short urls – always a plus for me.

Here is the article: “From Russia, With (Taliban) Love” – Pepe Escobar – October 21, 2021 – published on The Cradle.

It makes great reading, with just the right amount of…

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