The Commanding Heights of Powerball Gambits (Pt. IV of V)

The Fourth Estate

Socialism is the principle of public service.” In Part I, we began with the live training exercises of the student body at the SSE (Socialist Student Economy). In Part II, we explored the Tournaments of the VCS Economy. And in Part III, we were introduced to the details surrounding the Financial Regime. While everything covered here includes a variation of the preceding three Parts, do note that the Enterprises described here are either SOEs (State-Owned Enterprises) or else SAEs (State-Administrated Enterprises).

Terms like “State-Owned” or “State-Administrated” can be a little vague for people living under Liberal Capitalist regimes. Technically, the Enterprises that are PDEs, POEs and NSEs within the nation are a part of the State not because the State ‘owns’ them, but because the people involved in them have political-economic participation in the nation’s Council Democracy. Anyone who contributes any Arbeit to the Life-Energy Reserve falls under…

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