The Commanding Heights of Powerball Gambits (Pt. III of V)

The Fourth Estate

The goal of monetary policy is to restructure national economies. A market can exist under Planned/Command Economies just as a command can also exist under Market/Mixed Economies. The nuances are subtle and will never be made apparent to anyone without a specific conception of Currency being pegged to a Standard in the framework of monetary policy. A central bank acts as the standard bearer of their national economy’s vexilloid banner.

American flag scholar Whitney Smith described them as “an object which functions as a flag but differs from it in some respect, usually appearance. Vexilloids are characteristic of traditional societies and often consist of a staff with an emblem, such as a carved animal, at the top.”

In monetary policy, we find examples of this pattern in the manner in which individual coins and banknotes are created by the Central Bank. The most obvious example is how the US Dollar…

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