The Commanding Heights of Powerball Gambits (Pt. II of V)

The Fourth Estate

Take a look at these photos of Soviet and Eastern Bloc sports cars and luxury sedans. I am simply fascinated by these vehicles because there is such as thing as the “State and the Socialist concept of Property“:

Under the Work-Standard, we begin to become cognizant of a different form of Competition in the “markets” of the VCS Economy. Competition under the Planned/Command Economy is more like a tournament of Germanic knights jousting each other for the love of the Totality and the prizes of the Reich. This Tournament is held by the central government and the Totality will be looking forward to the results. Within the Economic Sectors are Industries with a Tournament of jousting Enterprises and their Professions of Vocations. Here, we compete for the highest Quality of Arbeit vis-à-vis production of the best-possible goods and services in our respective Industries.

The motto of every Tournament…

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