The Commanding Heights of Powerball Gambits (Pt. I of V)

The Fourth Estate


―Friedrich Nietzsche,Thus Spoke Zarathustra:
A Book for All and None

There is another, albeit subtle, difference between a Market Economy and a Command Economy, a Mixed Economy and a Planned Economy. The secret is in the concept of Currency: money serves as the means by which we issue orders to others in the state of Total Mobilization. We can opt for Kapital and Schuldunder theIncentives of Supply and Demand or Arbeit and Geld under the Intents of Command and Obedience. There can be a command within a Market Economy and a market within a Command Economy, but neither will a command turn the former into a Mixed Economy nor will a market turn the latter into a Planned Economy.

Everything depends, as Vladimir Lenin correctly concluded in justifying “New Economic Policy” (NEP), on what shall be controlling the Commanding Heights of the national economy and why

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