Replacement Level

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Aandacht og achtung: wrongthink ahead!

When a Nationalist speaks of Replacement Levels, it is a very simple idea with a great many derivatives. What I might impress upon the reader is that if the global White reproduction value is roughly 1.5 children per couple, than that qualifies as failing Replacement Level. It isn’t even good enough for Maintenance Level. Consequently, if that trend is continued, each generation sees the global population of WHites decrease. If we are at less than 20% global population in 2020, than by 2050 a generation will have died off and my generation (Millenials) will have failed to “replace” the aforegoing generation (Boomers, and Gen X.) This is important because populations are contigent upon things, simple things really, like nuclear families, or at least hetereosexual couples. This of course does not assume the sophisticated SCIENCE (!!) of Doctor Moreau and the rumours of homosexuals learning enough…

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