Ragnarök – A Consideration

PLEASE NOTE: This article has been translated from Swedish to English via Google Translate.

Source: Nordiska Asa samfundet 

Not much in our faith and the fairy tales are as mythical and discussed as Ragnarök. Here I was going to give my view on the event, is it the doom of the earth, the end of everything, or something completely different?

I see Ragnarök as the end of a cycle, a cycle that comes again, begins again and again. Nor do I see Ragnarök as a worldwide event. Ragnarök can be a very local phenomenon, everything from a community, an area, a city or as big as a country or many countries. Maybe even the whole earth.

That I see it as a local phenomenon is due to many things. But first that our ancestors were very down to earth and with the knowledge they had, they most of course looked after their own and the judgment that could happen to them. Not to global events.

What then is Ragnarök? Yes, the end of a bike. Something that stops or goes under and has to start all over again. With new conditions. When a society becomes too prosperous, people stop focusing on what is important and start engaging in trivial things that occupy all their time instead of basic survival. Instead of looking for food, building houses, cultivating land, etc., the focus begins to shift to decadence and emotions.

Anyone who has a rumbling stomach constantly cares little about anything other than what is important.

We see it historically time and time again how the pattern is repeated.
Bad times create strong men
Strong men create good times.
Good times create weak men
Weak men create bad times

The bike goes around.

The Roman Empire, the largest empire we had, did not collapse by external outcry but by internal conflict, decadence and madness. Leaders who declared themselves gods, married the family, had horses as advisors and even set fire to their own capital.

Egypt the same, Enough because the pyramids are powerful, but one can easily wonder if the people thought they were a good priority to put enormous resources on. All for their leaders who called themselves gods and were inviolable in their fullness of power, where they in their zeal to be beautiful smeared lead on the face that led to madness, family marriages between siblings, etc. until it collapsed.

Atlantis, according to legend, a prosperous technological society that collapsed in the sea.

Sodom and Gomorrah in the Bible, two cities that flowed from abundance and straight into decadence, which collapsed from within.

There are many more examples of Ragnarök in history of course. But this feels like it’s what’s hitting us now.

Brothers should fight against brothers… never before has society been so polarized and filled with conflicts as now. Former co-workers turn their backs on each other over opinions. People pour bile over each other on social media.
The decadence is here, people are talking and arguing more about menstrual art in the subway, rainbow-colored trams and big blue penises on house walls than house construction when we have a housing shortage, the degree of self-sufficiency which has dropped drastically in recent decades. Or other very important things. All of a sudden we have lots of people who seriously think this is the most important thing in their lives. Who can fuss and ravage about this for hours. The result is that the forces of chaos are constantly growing. When they get too strong, the wolf comes loose and Ragnarök is a fact.

So it is we humans who have power over our Ragnarök, We must choose. Should we feed the forces of chaos more until there is no return. Or should we work together for what is important and what can help our society move forward instead?

For me, it’s easy. I want to give our children a safe country to grow up in, a place on earth where they can be safe and play freely. A place that is ours and no one else’s.

But if this is to become a reality, we must stop focusing on harmlessness and start helping to pull our weight. I do everything I can, what do you do?

Join NAS, We will never give up, never stop fighting for Our faith, heritage, origins and culture.
If we do not fight for it, no one else will do it either and then Ragnarök is guaranteed and then all our ancestors have fought for lost.

Hell Asatro
Hell NAS

/ Stenar S

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