Lemme Axk You Sumfins

The Sperg Box

Devil’s advocate. Let’s say I believed in the News. Let’s say I thought the world was being hobbled by the common cold. Let’s say that for the sake of argument, I don’t see the analogy between Socrates and State Mandate Tea Company and the present dogmas regarding a very duplicitous “health” standard. Let’s say I throw all that out the Overton Window. I’d still tread lightly. I’d still show a little sympathy for my opposition. I probably wouldn’t try to viciously ruin their lives. I might poke fun, but this has all gone too far.

I wouldn’t carry on like a shrieking banshee, and I wouldn’t clap like a retarded seal whenever the State arbitrarily demeans your parental authority. Invades your privacy and destroys your life. And it isn’t just the Coof. That’s a bandaid stuck on a deeper sickness. Of course, I’m an odd duck. I can admit that…

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