In praise of the Sith

Vermont Folk Troth

Improve Balance, Control, and Coordination with These 10 Proprioception Exercises

Better Balance Means A Better Brain

Thoughts on “Might Makes Right”, War and Nature’s Power Struggle

The Men That Don’t Fit In

Delayed Gratification

Prussia Stands For Everything That Is Manly and Strong. Effeminacy Must Be Punished. — Prussian Society of America
Christianity and Tolerance were the Historical Mistakes of Prussia and the TeutonicOrder

The Original Flag of the German People vs the False Flag of the FRG /BRD
Carl von Clausewitz

Book Review: The Art of War – Sonne Treue

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Prussia, even under the Third Reich, especially, IS the rightful inheritor not only of Europe, but the very Fire that represents the Greek (Spartan) and Roman Legacy in its Manly Virtue and Dominance of Europe and in the world. Prussia is a Manly Nation, as is the German Nation itself, always referred to as the[…]

Prussia Stands For Everything…

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8 thoughts on “In praise of the Sith

  1. Allow me to be candid, the moment you start dedicating wordpress to your own individual passion projects is the moment you will feel disappointed & completely drained, the majority of people here are purely reciprocal, I am willing to bet they do not even read your content as well most are stuck within Right-Wing/Left-Wing programming still, hence they’re sheep & will only follow your content if it will Shepard a specific narrative.


  2. Are you not going provide at least a basic answer here, or is too much for you to explain why you endorse things you yourself do not condone, or is it otherwise?

    Is it that this personal blog of yours as a vehicle is emphasized as “variety” to the extent of becoming generic so much that you do not determine the central focus of your expressed views.

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      1. The Sith (George Luca’s Star Wars) the quintessential fictional Evil Empire modeled in the vestiges of the German Reich yet are completely contrary in outward behavior, considering that Emperor Palpatine has more in common with the Rothschilds than any former Kaiser, Kanzler let alone Fuhrer.

        I detest strongly making Paganism & Heritage intermingled with Pop-culture e.g. “Fashy” ones that muddle the originating essence, it is pollution, what exactly about it was presentable?

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      2. Your comment I agree with completely, it is evidenced all throughout Hollywood productions, television shows, books – where there is an association drawn between “empire” and the Third Reich.

        Furthermore, to see symbols plucked from European culture and contrasted with pop culture is rarely appealing, it’s a mismatch, like a gun rack on a Lexus.

        Now, regarding the Sith. The Sith itself, I was unaware this is purely a fictional character.

        When I stated I liked the arrangement of the blogger’s content in the post, it is because it fits in thematically with a style he often utilizes in presenting the subject matter of s given subject.

        He will have his own commentary and insight, there will be blog posts written by other bloggers relating to the subject, he will have pictures, video and audio integrated as well…

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      3. You realize that there is ultimately another bigger problem here.

        “When I stated I liked the arrangement of the blogger’s content in the post, it is because it fits in thematically with a style he often utilizes in presenting the subject matter of s given subject.”

        Using that reasoning, then if everything is simply a matter of style than it is purely superficial, if someone has a fetish for the Third Reich what is to stop them from creating a photo-collage of Josef Stalin’s greatest Aesthetik contributions, because I will admit that he did have an eye for Architecture but I would never endorse him out of principle.

        Just because A.H. was on the other side of the conflict should not be the only stipulation alone, there must be a greater underlying appreciation for German culture & history 9/10 times this is not the case.

        My main issue with Third Reich Fetishism is it creates a hollowed out sub-culture in absence of the originating culture & people, it is purely material, superficial, shallow & dopamine driven (flashy colors & big shapes to attract & ensnare low IQ people derasicanted people), this Hollywood/Establishment film-makers know full well & take advantage of, the dissident movements should be more self-aware that is all.


  3. This re-post is really messed up… amalgamated from three or more unrelated posts which do not mesh well together.

    I don’t even know where to begin it is a compilation of memes & spliced history. PRUSSIANS are not GREEK.

    My wife is Prussian she is not Hellenic, she would be offended in fact also what is the deal with the “Sith” reference, is this Star Wars???

    The Image from “Delayed Gratification” is horrendous, what would one infer by that exactly? This is why I dropped Odalism, too many single men with little life experience outside of the internet placing unrealistic standards upon women & life in general, which is precisely why they are without a woman, this extreme mindset that woman is not good unless she is barefoot, swollen & pregnant is a Puritanical interpretation of traditional pagan views by bitter men who are likely on the spectrum (autism).

    Above all else it is alienating as some woman cannot have many children by no fault of their own, this narrative is deliberately used to shame & belittle normal women, which if you knew women at all one understand how much this hurts them!

    The photo of William J. Blazkowicz used in the meme of Vinland is CRINGEWORTHY, considering that his character is a fictional “American spy of Polish and Jewish descent” (As described by who murders Germans on behalf of Jewish partisans, Homosexuals & Degenerates in the very Propaganda ridden Wolfenstein games.

    Objectively speaking Vinland is Newfoundland only! Not the greater of extent of North America, I detest Fashy propaganda just as much as Left-Wing Propaganda.

    I also dislike anyone who depicts Frederich Nietzsche as somehow a corrupt curmudgeon considering who he was at his height of accomplishment in retrospect of how he died. This does a disservice to his memory.

    Also Prussian American WordPress is a very bitter black-pilled MGTOW, who believes the looming European conflict will be men at arms against women (laughable & pathetic) I don’t believe this Bostonian is anything more than a self-described Prussian considering how rare Prussians are in the U.S.A. to begin with & the lack of authentic German content on his blog, as well the city of Boston only has 30K Germans of Rhine-Westphalian extraction which comprises only 1% of a total population of 675K+.

    This is not good quality control you are better off posting each original article, than this farce.

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