Globohomo, the next turn of evolution. Part. 2

by Leonid Sakharov

Who would be the first human with all features of globohomo. What position should he takes now? He cannot be just regular billionaire.

A creation of the Club of Rome that produces in 1972 the report “The Limits to Growth” can mark first clear glance on the place of humanity in universe as microscopic creatures spreading on the surface of small planet up to maximum capacity of it. Founder of the Club of Rome, Aurelio Peccei, was not the first globohomo, as soon he is dead but globohomo should be an immortal specie, but he can be called as a prophet in some way.

An attempt of identification of living among us globohomos could be logically performed by formulation its distinctive features. Let’s describe a clear case of person who definitely can be called globohomo:
He or she should…

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