Failed Egoists: The Irrelevance of Right-Nietzscheanism

The American Sun

One day, at my local neighborhood cafe, I was bantering with an elderly gentleman in his 70s. I don’t remember how I struck up the conversation, except that an older woman introduced me after she saw me ostentatiously smoking a pipe (a Danish White Star billiard, to be precise). We went through various subjects, most of them political, until at one point he gave me this stern declaration: “If you want to understand how the world works, you ought to read this book by Jack London. It’s called Might is Right.”

Both greatly amused and surprised, my instinctive reaction was to blurt out that AKSHULLY Jack London didn’t write it, but Arthur Desmond alias Ragnar Redbeard. The man strongly insisted on London’s authorship, however. I then he asked him if he had read Max Stirner. He had not. In any case, it showed to me that Redbeard’s message, “O…

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