Compendium: The Strategic Logic of Technology

The Fourth Estate

As we ascend the command structure of the Socialist nation, everything becomes more general and broader before finally reaching the State itself. What keeps the State cognizant of what is occurring in the nation and abroad is the Intents of Command and Obedience. Direct orders issued by the State vis-à-vis the Constitution and the Legal Code are the primary modes of communications with the rest of the Socialist nation. The Constitution conveys the Intents and Obligations, whereas the Legal Code conveys the Duties and Rights.

Any technologies deployed at the behest of the State are designed specifically for administrative functions. Those intended for the SSE are related to the educational curriculum. Meanwhile, those intended for the armed forces, police agencies and intelligence services pertain to the national defense of the Socialist nation against potential enemies from without and from within. Technologies deployed to combat internal enemies shall be designed in…

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