SACRED GEOMETRY: ‘The Matrix of Four’, The Philosophy of the Duality of Polarity


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  • “…The Matrix of Four expands universalism and connectivity as a whole while at the same time instigating individuation through spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical relationships towards united humanity, toward associated internalized consciousness”

The Essence of The Matrix of Four

The Matrix of Four is frequently and obviously at the basis of innumerable philosophical systems, and it is nearly as frequently covertly so. The Matrix of Four forms principal basis for so many philosophical and metaphysical systems that to understand it and its corresponding lessons is to better comprehend tremendously diverse subjects and objects including the mystery of our very own consciousness.

In fact, the number of philosophical systems of which The Matrix of Four is a principal idea or outright basis, is so overwhelming that much like air being everywhere its true significance is often overlooked and unseen. The stunning amount and the nature of the corresponding lessons…

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