Capitalism and Communism are a Ying and Yang With Ultimate Identical Hidden Masters.


The rise of capitalism started with the Protestant reformation and wars and decreased charity from the rich resulting in early deaths of the poor. Henry the 8 violence and plunder of monasteries and resulting social catastrophe of poverty, starvation, homelessness death by cold and crime. That is history of capitalism rise is violence and expanded fratricidal wars are well linked to capitalism as is the French Revolution whose liberalism ideals hid a kill list of mainly catholic priests. The system had to butcher post revolution thousands to millions for the hidden evil spirits of the super rich to feed of human energy to the serpent gods of capitalism one sign is Einsoft the occult jewish God of Talmud and Kabbalah and true ethics of press owners and academia which is to cover up realities of 300 years of wars, junk science deaths in health care and its violence in pushing…

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