The Gold Standard

Banned Hipster

Let’s say we have a gold standard. There are 100 ounces of gold in circulation. You have 50 ounces of gold, thus, 50% of the gold stock. Everyone else shares the other half.

I discover a vein of gold and mine 50 ounces of gold and put it into circulation. Now, you and I each have one-third of the gold stock, and everyone else shares the other third.

You haven’t lost an ounce of gold – but now I have as much purchasing power as you do. Have you lost anything? Yes – you have lost total purchasing power, you now have only one-third instead of one-half. But you still have as much gold as you did.

Let’s say you then start to engage in lending – usury. You loan your gold, at interest – compounding interest – to the people who need it, those other people who have one-third…

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One thought on “The Gold Standard

  1. A gold standard is impossible for the writings of Talmud which came by 12 years of cave meditating see the protochols of the elders of Zion which creates real history predictions others is the Kabbalah and Zohar. The other thing to watch is “the god culture “ > The writings of Talmud > written by evil spirits with a need for the resources of human blood & a vast energy source of human suffering > a youthful physically fit youth is worth 300 000 >evil spirits are after youth > thus the dangerous youth sexualization which causes youth on youth rape > sex propaganda to youth is zionist rich idea & can cause children to kill adults > are like many dehumanizing religions from Islam a jew creation to murder Christians and whites and jews in historical slave trade although now new evidence is the Africans were always in the new world and many aboriginals were imported from Asia see the pre Inca Olmecs. The Talmud Kabbalah and Rabi is a doctrine of spirits & turns all gentile lives into a value of slaughter or human life has become negative. Gold holdings are unknown by zionist super rich as the Philippines was mentioned as Ophir the land of gold and pearls and was the worlds richest nation until colonialism with nuggets for digging. Thus the actual holdings of gold are likeley far far far greater by rothschild & Swiss banksters > as gold standard would be swamped by foreign capital buying any nation out. Much like black rock .

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