The Proverbial Fox Guarding the Henhouse

The Real Truckmaster


The Proverbial Fox Guarding the Henhouse

I’m reminded of growing up in the farmlands of Southwestern Idaho in the 1950s and 1960s where we had a slew of farm animals, dogs and cats. Our family was known for raising prize winning porkers. Those were the days of working alongside seasonal workers in the fields picking fruits and veggies.

We had to watch out for were foxes. They were notorious for getting into the chicken coop after eggs and a chicken or two that didn’t get away fast enough. Often it necessitated shoring up the chicken coop with good old chicken wire and buttoning up the chickens inside the chicken coop at night and let the yard dog prowl at night.

After we moved to the big city the scenario changed but still stores were locked at night and those with high priced jewelry and high ticket items would hire…

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